cake trends of 2018, the biscuit cake
Christmas Biscuit Baking workshop : Saturday 1 December 2018

cake trends of 2018, the number/letter layer cake

2018 BakedByFiona 40th birthday number cake

We’ve seen the biscuit cake become very popular in 2018.

I have been working on baking a variation of this, the number or letter layer cake, which I believe is a little more delicious than the original.

2018 BakedByFiona 40th birthday number cake
BakedByFiona's number cake which is topped with piped buttercream and decorations.

My shaped cake layers are sandwiched with Swiss meringue buttercream, and if desired, ganaches or fruit jams can be added to the layers also.

Any of my cake flavours can be used for this style of cake:

  • chocolate cake
  • vanilla butter cake
  • lemon and blueberry cake
  • coconut cake
  • coconut and raspberry cake
  • lime and coconut
  • lemon cake
  • orange cake
  • red velvet cake

I would then match with the filling flavours to go with the cake flavour. 

The cake is then topped with piped buttercream, which can be coloured to suit the theme of your celebration. The decorations can include all my regular decorations such as small edible flowers, chocolate, sprinkles, meringue kisses. Of course the decorations can be customised to go with the your party.

2018 BakedByFiona 40th number cake
BakedByFiona's number cake which is topped with piped buttercream and decorated.

I believe this style of cake is easier to cut than the traditional biscuit cake. And, in my opinion, being created from cake it is a bit tastier than the biscuit cake!

2018 BakedByFiona 8th number cake
BakedByFiona's number cake cutting guide. The number of portions depends on the size of cake piece you would like to offer. As a guide, on the left are smaller slices, on the right the portion sizes are dessert portion sizes. The pieces could be cut smaller again for coffee sized portions.
2018 BakedByFiona 8th number cake
BakedByFiona's number cake, cut into easy to serve portions.

Each number or letter is the size of an A4 sheet of paper (approximate 20cm x 28cm). It is served on a silver masonite cake board, so it is good and sturdy. If you order 2 numbers, both cakes are served on the one cake board, as in the 40th birthday cake.

The number/letter cakes start from $150.00 for cakes similar to those in this post. Double digits number cakes start from $300.00. Any custom decorations/requests may be an additional cost, so please just ask for a pricing.

So far this cake has received lovely feedback.

BakedByFiona 40th number cake testimonial
BakedByFiona's number cake testimonial


Thanks for visiting. Please email me if you are interested in booking one of these cakes, and be sure to include the number/s or letter/s you'd like, flavours and the date of your celebration.


Fiona x


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