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cake trends of 2018, the number/letter layer cake

cake trends of 2018, the biscuit cake

There is one trend in the cake baking world which has seen an explosion in popularity this year. The biscuit cake! Numbers, letters and shapes, such as love hearts, can be baked up as a biscuit cake.

I'm pleased to say, this style of 'cake' is now available from BakedByFiona. It would certainly make for an impressive celebration sweet treat at your next party.

Sydney Cakes BakedByFiona number biscuit cake

Is this a cake or a biscuit? Well, really, I describe it as an open tart/pie.

I have used the classic French shortcrust pastry known as pâte sablée or sable pastry which is a crisp, cookie like pastry once baked.

There's 2 layers of the sable biscuit pastry, cut to the desired number or letter, then baked. The fillings are then piped onto the biscuits, with the top layer being decorated. It is a new style of novelty celebration "cake".

Sydney Cakes BakedByFiona number biscuit cake

This one that I have baked and prepared has a layer of piped cheesecake on the bottom biscuit with a layer of vanilla buttercream and lemon curd on the top. It has been decorated with freshly baked meringue kisses and edible flowers.

Sydney Cakes BakedByFiona custom biscuit cake

This style of celebration 'cake' can be fully customised as with all my cakes, both in flavours and decorations. While the biscuit layers of this cake here is a vanilla sable biscuit, the biscuit layers can also be made of chocolate sable. Image a chocolate biscuit base with chocolate mousse and salted caramel flavours? I can bake any number (or combination of numbers if you're over 9 years old) or any letter. I can also customise the font used for your biscuit cake. Shapes could be baked as well, please get in touch if you'd like a custom shaped biscuit cake baked.

Sydney Cakes BakedByFiona biscuit cake

The size of these cakes is approximately 30cm x 20cm. Each cake could serve about 20 people. As always, the number of portions you can cut from a cake depends upon the size of the cake pieces you're cutting.

"How do I cut it?", I can hear you ask.

The sable biscuit is a softish biscuit, it is similar to cutting through a tender pastry or tart. I use a scerated knife and gently started to cut through the top layer. When you're through the first layer, a good firm push of the knife through the base layer will cut the biscuit.

Sydney Cakes BakedByFiona custom biscuit cake

The pieces can then be shared. It won't necessarily be the neatest of portions, but it will certainly be fun to share around with different flavours being enjoyed with the biscuit.

Sydney Cakes BakedByFiona custom biscuit cake

Please contact me if you're interested in discussing this style, or any style of my custom cakes for your next celebration.

My pricing/contact me page can be found HERE.

The biscuit cake has been inspired by Adi Klinghofer from Israel. Her instagram tag is adikosh123, you can find her here, where she shows her beautiful baking creations in her gallery.

Thanks for visiting...


Fiona x

Sydney Cakes BakedByFiona biscuit cake



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